Howdy! I'm Evan Sims, and I'm a software developer and entrepreneur from Berea, Kentucky. I'm a full time remote worker, and am constantly traveling around. I'm passionate about programming, technology, design, privacy and security, and gaming. When I'm not obsessing over those things, I really enjoy running and hiking.

I'm the co-founder and sole developer at Droveio, a startup building bleeding edge tools and services around social media and networking. Previously I worked for Ushahidi, a non-profit technology company out of Kenyan, building enabling tools for grassroots journalism, crisis response, social advocacy and humanitarian endeavours.

I also previously worked in the video games industry, and hold a BA in Game Design from the University of Advancing Technology. I worked on a number of games for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, before deciding to return my focus to web-based technologies.

I love MMOs. My current obsession is Final Fantasy XIV, where I main an Astrologian on the Mateus server. I'm also currently playing Warframe, Destiny 2 and Overwatch. I co-founded (and still help oversee) a popular online gaming community called the Aureus Knights.

Although I've been blogging for decades, I completely rebooted my blog in January 2018 and scrapped all my previous writings to embrace a fresh start. Hope you enjoy my aimless musings, and feel free to subscribe.

My blog was assigned ISSN 1948-9560 by the Library of Congress, because that was appearently a thing they did back when blogging was all the rage.