Hi! For some time ago I found your IFTTT recipe, "Share your deviantArt favorites on Tumblr as photo posts". And it was exactly what I were looking for. The only problem now is that I can't get it to work, or I got it to work once. then it stopped. Any ideas what could be wrong? Would really appreciate help here but I understand if you don't have time for personal support :P

Asked by tardlife

Heya! Of course — I’m glad to hear you like it! DeviantArt made changes to their layout some time ago that required modifications on my recipes’ end, but may have invalidated some old copies of the recipe.

Try grabbing the latest version on IFTTT and most importantly make sure you grab a fresh RSS feed generated from this pipe — that’s where all the magic happens. Let me know if that fixes it for you, otherwise we’ll keep on troubleshooting.

P.S. Another thing to try is deactivating and reactivating your Tumblr channel on IFTTT. Somethings they can get out of sync and don’t even know it.