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How to mute any microphone in macOS Catalina

How to mute any microphone in macOS Catalina

Evan Sims Evan Sims

After searching and failing for days to find a way to mute my Focusrite Scarlett Solo-powered Shure SM7B on macOS Catalina, I finally stumbled on Rogue Amoeba's SourceSource.

SoundSource sits in macOS' status bar, or you can hit the little "pin" icon top make the controls float on your desktop.

It enables you to do whole bunch of really cool stuff, such as redirecting audio to different outputs per-application/source, controlling audio output levels on devices that you can't normally do that with (like my Schiit Modi 3), and boosting music dynamically (not unlike Boom does; so if you already use that this might be a good all-in-one replacement.)

Most importantly, though, it allows you to control your input volume and mute your microphone right from your status bar. You'll notice in my screenshot above I have my input muted there. I can unmute it by clicked the volume icon there again.

I wish there was a global hotkey to invoke input muting, but if there is a way to do that I haven't found it yet. Regardless, it's a super helpful app.

SoundSource isn't free but Rogue Amoeba offers a trial. Give it a shot and see how it works for you.

SoundSource - A Superior Sound Control
Access your Mac’s audio devices, control per-app audio, and much more, all from the menu bar.