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How I stay organized with Noted and Notion

How I stay organized with Noted and Notion

I use a combination of Noted and Notion, both wonderful note taking apps, to find my organization nirvana.

Evan Sims Evan Sims

I capture everything in Noted. I use it as my short term memory. It's super fast and works on all the platforms I care about (even Apple Watch.) I love the audio recording, time tagging and dictation features. It's clean, fast and simple. It's my everyday inbox for jotting every thought, plan, detail and inspiration down.

I curate those notes and move the important stuff into Notion. Notion is my long term memory. Every few days I'll take inventory of my Noted entries, nuking the obsolete stuff. The important stuff I clean up and move into Notion, where everything is super well structured and available for quick reference by me. I keep two seperate spaces in Notion: one for my personal life (hobbies and interests, life plans, etc.) and one for work, which is shared with my coworkers. I treat it like an editable wiki for my life and career. Anything I'll need to reference beyond the next week gets put in there.

So, everything captured in Noted. Every so often I curate and move the important stuff into Notion. Short term memory, long term memory. Simple as that. Your mileage may vary as to whether this solution works for you, and no size fits all on productivity methods or tools, but this has worked well for me the last few years.